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The effects of Gymnastics On Children’s Growth

The physical exercise associated with competitive gymnastics provide a great opportunity to encourage kids as well as time-management skills and improve confidence. Several researches designate that the gymnastics have a strong effect on our children growth.

There are mainly two types of gymnastics, artistic gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics. Rhythmic gymnastics and art gymnastics equipment are not the same,and rhythmic gymnasts use dance,original movement and a variety of poles to perform a wonderful program.

The research published in “The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism” in 2004 assessed growth. The research show that both male and female artistic gymnasts were shorter and slimmer than their non-gymnast counterparts.These athletes showed a meaningful delay in skeletal growing,as well.The growth delay noticed in this research was more declared in males than in females.However,these gymnasts did show catch-up growth when their gymnastics jobs ended.

Researches have also focused on evaluating the effect of rhythmic gymnastics exercise on children’s growth.They observed that these rhythmic gymnasts had a significant delay in both skeletal and pubertal maturation. The study notes, however, that the final adult height of these athletes was not expected to be affected by their participation in gymnastics.

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