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Gymnastic Moves for Beginners

Beginner usually are introduced to gymnastics by learning tumbling moves on the floor.And this teaches them “air conscious, to know where their body is, what it is doing at all times.

Forward Roll

The beginning body position is upright, hands reaching toward the ceiling.Gymnasts should be reach for the floor, push their chin, roll on the floor and come back up to a standing position.It is important that look at your belly button as you roll and reach forward in a tuck position to finish.


Cartwheel starts in a tall posture, one foot in front of the other.Then they reach down with their hands,side by side and in line with their front leg.They kick their back foot over their head, then kick their front foot. They landed in the lunge position,and the leg opposite of the one they started with in front.Their knee is bent, a little behind the toes, and their base leg is straight.

Backward Roll

Backward Roll starts in a tall stance,and gymnasts underarm on their heels,sit on the mat,roll backward, push off the ground and raise into a standing position.


It is starting with a tall stance,one foot in front.Gymnasts reach for the ground,expanding their legs to the air with their feet touching when the body is vertical and upside down.


The starting position is on the back, and hands next to the head. Gymnasts bend their legs and put their feet on the floor and push with their arms and legs.They straightened their arms and their head off the ground.

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